Tamil Sex Education
Fundamental Sex Education in schools

Sex education in schools. Fundamental as civic education, physical education but cut off from the Italian Ministry programs that have made it a taboo, contributing, with silence on the issues of prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and contraception, to food myths that lead to errors coarse the very young, mistakes are expensive, like an unwanted pregnancy, contraction of venereal disease, or worse, the guilt of having done something wrong in making love with your boyfriend.

Still need little effort to bring down the wall of dirt raised about sex just by adults who have no desire, or not at all, thanks a little embarrassed, to talk with their children, rather than with the students, in programs dedicated to sex education and approved by the Ministry. Sex is covered with mystery, is the argument, the prohibited activity, almost as if the impulse coupling was unnatural to suppress, hide, living in secret and using subterfuge.

The sex education of teenagers are friends, Internet, porn movies. And we want to remember the controversy some time ago that actors in porn movies often do not use a condom and possibly give an idea of sex that is not what many parents want the children to have.

In order to break down the wall of silence on sex, SIGO, the Italian Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics has decided to establish a direct link with schools on sex education, using the web. The initiative, which starts in the World Day of contraception which occurs tomorrow, because Italy was founded only 36% of students seek information on sex to their teacher. It is a low percentage compared to other European countries: the United Kingdom are 64%, Spain 44% and 42% in France. read more